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Editing, Proofreading, and Formatting Services

Proofreading and editing services are vital for giving any business a professional, polished image. Don't give others the wrong impression by publishing anything that contains errors – my proofreading and editing services can make all the difference in how you are seen by the world!

My name is Emily Wydeven, and I have had a passion for reading throughout my life. I am both excited and proud to have the opportunity to share my love of reading and put it to good use for others! I am a meticulous editor with strong attention to detail and a talent for finding errors and inaccuracies that others may have missed.

I provide professional proofreading, editing, and formatting services for all types of documents. My most frequent tasks include checking web content and educational material, but I’ve also worked on such wide-ranging projects as movie scripts, subtitles, fantasy novels, and mobile game apps. I look forward to helping polish and refine your next project!

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