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"I have worked with Emily on several projects over the years, both professionally and in an informal consultative relationship. She is a fast, responsive editor and diligent, resourceful fact-checker. Her work product is clear and professional. She is also 100% meticulous on matters of grammar, spelling and usage. Not 99%. Not 99.9%. 100%. If she is on the job, you can be certain that any and all bugs will be squashed, and any copy presented for publication is totally clean. I enthusiastically recommend her for any job where getting the details right is essential - which, I hope, is any job."

Author, strategist, thought leader and consultant. Forbes contributor & educator at University of WA

"I worked for years with Emily and I couldn't ask for a better editor. She's accurate, professional, and incredibly competent. But she's much more than that - she's a hearty worker who's always available whenever you need a hand, and that colleague that you know will be on your side when you need her most.

"During the years we worked together, she helped me improve my skills as an author and journalist, spotted all my mistakes and typos, and fixed all my content without altering even a single sentence. As an author, knowing that you have an editor like Emily behind you to support you makes a difference you can hardly imagine. Even now that I'm writing this recommendation, I would feel better if -SHE- had checked it for grammar and errors. No joke!

"If you need an incredibly skilled editor and a top-quality freelancer to hire, you'll be delighted to work with Emily. If you're reading her profile and wondering whether she's the right person for your job - don't waste any more time! She's exactly what you were looking for!"

Journalist, Book Writer, Data Researcher

"I've managed Emily in her freelance position for more than five years. During that time, she edited content for a large tech website, and managed workflow with a number of freelance writers.

"It's rare that a freelance contract last that long or work out that well, but Emily is a pro. I've worked with many, many freelancers over the years and Emily has been one of the best; she treats her freelance obligations like a job, and has always ensured that they are completed. She is organized and diligent, which allows her to nimbly take on new tasks and maintain workflows.

"I highly recommend Emily for freelance work. She has great skills and an amazing work ethic."

Vice President of Content at Janalta

"I've worked with quite a few editors over the years, and I have to say that Emily has been the very best. It's patently obvious that some editors don't even read what you've submitted based on the nature of their feedback or lack thereof. Emily never just demand that a writer 'fix' something without clarifying exactly what changes are required. She also knows the difference between what is up to the writer and what an editor can and should do. She doesn't impose her own style on writers' work, but she does pick up on just what you need an editor to spot like typos. One more thing that really makes Emily stand out is her courteousness and promptness in attending to submissions and responding to writer emails. You couldn't ask for anything more as a writer."

Writer, Editor, Content Marketing Maven

"During her time at Course Hero, Emily showed herself to be highly adept at working with a wide variety of content, even when it falls outside her stated areas of expertise. She consistently met ambitious weekly targets, sometimes exceeding the target by as much as 50%. She is a reliable and efficient editor who is both independent and a supportive team member. She adapts quickly to changing project parameters, she has a sharp eye for detail, and she has a clear passion for the work."

Copy Supervisor at Course Hero

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